help me pick my cams

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Hi-Tech Stg 2's

Stage 2 cams that dont require any additional parts such as upgraded springs + nice power increase

BTW, if your sig is up-to-date, then you dont have a "full exhaust".
Cms stage 1s

Can perform with the hitec stage 2s. These stage ones cams have went 11.9x in Bill Putnams car and I have went a 12.20 in a stock suspension car. The best anyone has ever seen the hitec stage 2 cams do is a 12.19 in a full suspension, and major weight reduction car. So if you want the cool I have stage 2 cams feeling without the real performance gain by all means do the hitecs. If you want a cam that performs go with CMS. I also would recommend I'm actually going with their cams and ported heads.
If the motor is out of the car then there is no sense in limiting yourself to a stage one cam when you can install a good set of springs and run a decent stage 2 cam. I do think that MHS can set you up with a good cam though, and wouldn't put hitecs on even if they were free.
I was happy with my Comp 262AHs which are a "Stage 1" grind. Renowned manufacturer, gained 30+HP at the top with no loss down low (which is important for the 4.6...) Noticeable idle but not unstable, no emissions problems. As well, I retained the OE springs with no problems.
I won't name names, but you can see what some cams do to your pistons and valves in this thread:

Ed's cam swap ordeal

And here is a picture of the lovely piston notches stock valves make: