help me prove chevy guy wrong

ok my friend is building a 1986 camaro 383 stroker using speed pro hypereutic pistons edelbrock aluminum heads with a 64cc chamber? a cam with a minimum lift of .550 a manifold weiand team g single plane raised 3/4 plenum. turbo 350 with 2500 stall and shift kit fiberglass front including hood, fenders and doors. drag springs 50/50 in the back he also has lakewood industrusty traction bars, 90/10 struts in the front. he deleted all the a/c, smog pump and manual rack and pinion hes getting custom exhaust out of long tube headers. idk i know theres more but he claims he wants to shift between 5100-5700 and the engine is gona stop making power at about 5500 rpm, with the intake heads and cam hes chosing with this 383 stroker and the 4 bolt block i say hes gona be making more power in upper rpm and be shifting up alot higher, what kinda horsepower do yall think hes gona make ? what kinda times do u predict ? i say 11's but im not sure and maybe 400 horse? maybe more idk he wants to run slicks.

well what times/horsepower and more importantly where do u think he's gonna shift at

sorry for the long post but im realy curious on whats hes gona be doing and what not and u guys are the experts

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Who cares how fast the chevy guy thinks he's gonna be, you should just build a stang with half the mods he has and then make him cry... thats what I am doing, this guy I know is building a Iroc camaro with similar parts and like 5 years from now he might be finished, and I will still spank him thats whats sad. My best run N/A so far is real close to his best time Spraying a 100 shot AND his motor is built. Not to totally bash chevy, but it just seems that either all f-body guys can't drive OR stangs are just better built cars IMO. (theres no way I can get flamed for saying that here can I?)lol
He is probably around 450-500hp.
But he would be shifting too low (don't tell him that) and the converter is way to small (he needs a 3800 to 4200 stall converter with a T-brake).If the rest of the car is set up o.k. probably mid 11's.
Of course that would be assuming that the motor actually has what he says and he is a good driver.But you didn't say what size carb he is running.The big cam and single plendulm intake will hurt him bad thou.He woun't see peak tourqe till 4500rpm,and with a conveter that small he will launch like crap.It will boug off the line and not get moving until passed the 330ft mark.You also didn't say what gear he is runing.If he is runing 4:11's or higher he might not boug horrably off the line but it will sertanly show until he has at least a 4.88 gear.I can see how he intends to beat you,he will shift at 5100-5700rpm's and be at 4500 or so rpm's when he shifts into third.Then his all-top end will pull hard the rest of the way.If you intend on beating him,you'll need to out rpm him.If you can beat him past the 660ft mark you sould have it in the bag as long as you got more gear left.After the 660ft mark he will be like a big block and start really moving,so the first 1/8 mile is were you got to pound him.Then just out run him to the finish.