Help my one wheel wonder


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May 12, 2002
Madison, WI
Now that my traction loc is completely gone, I need to start thinking about my next mods. What would you guys recomend? I need to save my money for when my clutch and T-5 go out so I want to keep it cheap. Keep in mind this is my daily driver.

Should I get a Trac lock rebuild kit? Would that be worth it? or should I go with an Auburn or Eaton and some 31 spline axles? If I go with the trac loc rebuild kit, I would have some money left over to get some nice suspension components, UCA's, LCA's.
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I've done a little research and found out that Ford makes a 31 spline traction lock that was used in the F250's, but I can't find a part number. Anyone know it? My Dad works for Ford and can get it dirt cheap, but he's on vacation right now.