HELP need some basic 306 combos!!!!


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Apr 15, 2001
warren mi
exhaust-shorty unequal headers/off-road H. car will have a 3.73 gear and is a 5 speed. it will be 9-5-1 or a 10-1 motor........advice on that, i want to run premium at most -never race gas. i am just looking for the car to be very fun and liveable. any combo advice is appreciated.

i got ironworldwindsor jr heads. a real gt-40 intake.

overall help.......
compression-throttle body-injecters-roller rockers-computer...ANYTHING else, THANKS
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Jul 7, 2006
Mebane NC
Keeping the comp ratio 9.5:1-10:1 is about right. Go with a 70mm TB, 75/76mm MAS, keep the stock 19 lb injectors until you reach 350-370 hp. 24's would be too big at this point. The rockers can be the bolt on type and a 1.6 or 1.7 if you check the piston to valve clearance first, no matter what cam you get. I'd advise the E303 for a good overall choice. A custom cam would be good as well, as long as you keep in mind what you'll be using the engine for. The computer would after all these mods do really well with a custom tune done. Have those heads ported and the lower intake gasket matched.