help reading temp. gauge.


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Oct 17, 2003
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i dunno how to read the temp gauge. becasue it has a low, then the normal range, then the 270. what does it count by? my car runs at the red line. which is 2 ticks up and one down from the exact middle.

thanks, and sorry for the dumb question.

also if i get some ssp (motorsport gauges) can i put them in myself?


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130 + 270=400 so in the middle of the gauge would be about 200* so I would guess on the 2nd notch you are at about 180* witch is where my car runs most times....some times it gets to about 190 than I can see the gauge drop to about 180 when the stat opens
One caveat: some stock gauges are off by a good bit. My stocker read 35* low at 190*F.

You can install gauges yourself. There are some how-to's (I think Srothfuss had a good write-up with pics, if interested) that you can peruse to see what it will involve.
Good luck.
im thinking about getting one of those relocator pannels with the pocket delete. i want one that has 3 gauge holes up top, the radio in the middle, and the ac controls down low. can i wire in a temp gauge, vacuum gauge, and whatelse do you recommend? oil temp, or pressure? if i needed more i wouldnt mind getting the ac vent one, where there is 2 gauges and still holes for the ac or heat.
Water temp and Oil pressure for sure... as for the third one you can go with oil temp, vacuume or something. The stock gauge varies a lot between different cars even. When my autometer reads 180 the stock gauge reads between the A and L.
Gauge math from my electronic instrumentation course 30 years ago:
Subtract the high reading from the low reading: 270-130= 140.
Divide the result by 2 to get the middle scale value: 140 by 2 = 70.
Add the result to the low scale reading and you get the middle scale reading: 130+70= 200.
In this case, that comes out to 200 Degrees IF the stock sender is properly calibrated. In most cases, it isn't even anywhere near close.

Remember the technique, and you can extrapolate almost any linear gauge scale reading, volts, fuel, temp etc., on any car.
so im thinking about getting a radio relocator kit and 3 sport comp gauges for it. i was thinking water temp, oil pressure and vacuum. then maybe later on get the ac vent gauge cluster thing and get a oil temp and maybe either fuel pressure or water pressure or something.

how hard is it to wire water temp, oil pres, and vacuum?

does anyone have that site with the relocation pannels where you could pick the order of the stack? i know theres one on but theres a better site that you can pick the layout on. does anyone have the link? i hate it when i forget to bookmark stuff.
how hard is it to wire water temp, oil pres, and vacuum?

Quite simple. Srothfuss had a pretty extensive thread with pictures (where he even used a radio facade as the mounting location). I'd read that (and other threads) and ask any questions that remain.

It's a couple hour install for all those gauges.

Good luck.
Mine runs between where yours does and the middle, depending on how hard I run it, if the A/C is on, how hot it is, etc.

Thats why I just installed Oil pressure and water temp gauges :)

You would be amazed how much your oil pressure changes, and your stock gauge never moves.