Help..rpms jump and car dies


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Mar 20, 2011
I had my car die on me a couple times today that left me kind of stumped. I was driving and I gave it some gas in 5th and the rpms would jump real high then grab, then it would do it in all the gears, I was thinking it was the clutch. But I tried making it slip like that to try and figure out what it was, so I gave it about half throttle in 5th and the rpm gauge started to bounce around but I didnt really hear the motor rev up or down, so I pushed the clutch in to prevent a rough ride and the rpms bounced then dropped and the car died? After it died I had a really hard time getting it started again, it would just crank and crank but wouldnt fire, I had to wait about 5-10 minutes. This happened twice and the fact the rpms would rise, then when I push the clutch in they would bounce around and then die makes me think its something electrical, ECU maybe? Does anyone have any ideas? This is my daily driver so Im having to borrow my sisters car to get back and forth to work right now.
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Jun 14, 2004
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It's the PIP in the distributer. You can just change the PIP in the distributer, but I recommend changing the whole thing. Distributor is only like $100. If it ends up not fixing in the problem, you haven't wasted any money, because it will almost certainly go out on you eventually. You can chalk it up to preventive maintenance.

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