help...runing super lean!

took the mustang in for the first time for a dyno this weekend... what a dissapointment (205 hp, 260 tq). they could only run it once because the car was running super lean (not enough fuel for some reason).

so... put the car up on the lift, checked the fuel filter (new and working fine), checked the fuel pressure (40lbs, checked out fine). took a look at the MAS, clean and working well. :shrug:

what's wrong!!! anyone have any suggestions. i haven't changed anything on the fuel system yet and i only run super. figure the injectors are clean (don't know for sure). the car runs well (aside for the 40hp loss due to running lean), no mis-fire or back-fire, no starting or shutting down problems. as far as i knew the car was running great. now this :mad:

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its next to your distributor on the left side. Unplug it and run your car. It made mine run better like that but its just a mini fix till you can replace it. btw not a pic of my engine. My digi cameria pics are too big to post :notnice: but it will give you the idea


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there was another 95 GT there with the same mods as mine minus TB. he was pulling 232 hp so i figured the TB would give me a bit more than that. so at least a gain of 30 hp going from 15/1 to 13/1. i'm being optimistic and shooting for 40hp.