help!!!very bad fuel mileage


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May 14, 2002
miami, fl
hey all my car is getting 13.5 mpg i drive the car in the city shifting under 2600rpm i have a k&n full exh w/o cats the car has always done atleast 15.9 in the city and the past couple of weeks its been dropping to were its at now i was looking at my o2s and i see bank 2 switching from .1 to .9 volts rather fast but bank1 is switching slower and barely going over .55 and no cel or codes what do you think bad 02 sensors?
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Gave the MAF and throttle body a good cleaning ?? I also run Sea Foam in the gas tank every 1k to keep the injectors clean...K&N's are good at coating the MAF with oil...and giving a false reading of air flow...
thanks will try cleaning the maf tomorrow im running the 93 performance tune with the maf curve at -4% on the diablo sport tuner.. i regret buying the k&n system after seeing the other kits like the c&l but ohwell thanks guys i will keep you posted!