Help whats up with my clutch??


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Mar 15, 2000
Canton GA
My car has always had a funny clutch action that just shows up radomly but it has never slipped until now. After I got the longtubes and dyno tune the clutch started slipping but only from 4,800 rpms and up. It will jump from 4,900 to 5,500 then fall back to 5,000 or just jump all the way to 6,000 when I am at wide open throttle. It will not slip down low I can be at 900 rpm in 5th and floor it and it pulls smoothly with no slipage. I took the car to ford and they said it was fine and I took it to an independant shop and the said it was fine they said it barked 2nd ard 3rd to hard for the clutch to be slipping. I have noticed that it does not slip up high unless the car is hot or the weather is very hot. Is the clutch shot or could it be something else? By the way the car is 11 months old 10,000 miles and never seen a track. I baby the damn thing. By best friend drove it and he said my clutch sucked because he could not start off smoothly at all. He has a 04 Mach 1. I am just used to having to play with the clutch to get it to start smoothly.
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Bolt on 5.0

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Jun 26, 2002
Suffolk, NY
My cars having the same kind of problem, loosing power at over 4 grand. I checked pids on the car and the fuel presure is down at 12 psi key on engine off and at 23 psi running. Way low. Im going to change the fuel filter tom. and check compression for the hell of it. Also im doing a fuel tank pressure test. Hope the fuel pump is not is not clogged up. When i find out the prob Ill post it up here. I have a '99 gt.