Help With 95 302


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Jan 8, 2014
Ok so im new to this whole forum thing so hopefully im doin this right I recently bought basically a 95 302 GT only its really a 96 car. had bad rod knock in motor so pulled it and had it rebuilt I have it punched 30 over with a flat top hyperetic pistons chromoly rings block has been decked down to 5 thousanths and heads were trimmed back to true internally balanced. I put in 1.6 roller rockers and a cold air intake on it other than that the rest is stock. so now the problems the car runs great until it warms up then it acts like I loose half my cylinders but if I rap it up in between 4 and 5 grand it cleans up and runs good till I goose the throttle then back to hell again. no egr on car and the o2 sensors are non existent shorty headers 2.5 dualed out thru flowmasters no cat. pulled koeo codes and I get five auto trans codes (has a t45 in it) and one evap code. cant run koer codes due to the mlp code on trans have chased wires and tested sensors for weeks now and I cant figure it out don't know if any one here can lead me in a direction to fix the problem but figured it is worth a try any help is greatly apprecited
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No working o2 sensors is not a good thing. I recommend that you resolve that before you go any further. Please post the actual code numbers you got for the code dump.
Toyman you are right it is a W4HO ecu would that cause me to run crappy when it goes to open loop also got a computer hooked to it and it says the o2's are rich and the long term ft banks are not reading anything