Help with my Punch 15"


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May 24, 2002
Raleigh, NC
Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for waht type of box for a 15 inch punch sub? I currently have it in a ported box in my 96GT, but was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a better box that will still fit under my Mach460 rear deck. Any suggestions or pictures of s single 15 in the trunk????
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Hondaboy said:
How did you fit a 15 in your trunk? Or do you have a hatch back? If you have the trunk of a 94 -98 can you post pics?

No pics right now. The trunk is completely bare at this moment while my suspension is being installed and some other stuff. Maybe this weekend I will get everything donw and back in, I will post some pics then.
Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what I have now. Looking for a better design for a box.

here it is as it normally sits:
Facing the sub up isn't nearly as effective as boundary loading the woofer. This is why you see alots of rear-firing subs in sedans. In the case of your 'stang, this isn't possible with a 15 inch woofer. However, you can get even better results by facing both the sub and the port at the floor. Boundary loading the sub and port to the floor of the vehicle will result in a significant gain in output. In your case, this could be pretty simple if there is any clearance between your existing box and deck now as you could simply turn the box over and wallah. You'll need a minimum of an inch and a half between the woofer and the floor. This could be done easily enough by sliding some 2x4 spacers under each end of the enclosure. If you like the sound, then permanantly attach them to the box.

Try it and post your results.