here is a good laugh


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Feb 28, 2006
so a guy i know is buying a 2008 g35 and says there is no way a piece of **** 2004 mustang gt will beat his car. he has even talked crap to my buddy who has an 06 GT. he wants to race for a grand cause he is that confident that his stock car will take mine out. he knows i am running on the bottle but i guess it slipped his mind when he threw down this race.

the real funny part is he is talking **** before he even has the car. right now he drives a civic SI and is a big ricer. has never raced before either.

looking up times on those cars they run high 13s if driven well. they make 306hp like the 350z

tell me what yall think i would love to have another grand to put cams on my car.
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13.8 in a quarter mile, yeah, if he's a good driver, chances are he isn't, plus the dumbass part. i hate cocky people like that, i have this dumb asain guy who got the new accord v6 two door, and since my 98 dyno at 260hp, (or 259.8 hp), his car came stock with 268, and he thought, since he had more horsepower, he'll win.....lets just say....he got real anal after he lost on the street, then even worse on the highway. but, yeah, smoke him, a lot of people underestimate the mustangs. make him think twice, then after you smoke him, throw the bottle on and really kick his ass.
I love the g37s :)

I think you are actually underestimating his car a bit. For a family car--they run damn good :nice:

You'd be crazy to use spray if you do race him, as his car is new and has no mods.
I'd consider it a drivers race stock vs stock :)
According to the G37 runs a 13.8@102. What does an 06 GT run? I dont see whats funny. Seems like to equal cars to me

the funny part is how he is talking crap and doesnt even have the car. I am going to put a set of cams and heads on my car before we race too. I am looking for mid 12s on motor and then im spraying as well. he wont actually have this car for another month or 2.

he is getting the g35 not the 37 its the 4 door the 37 is the 2 door coupe.
and then the modified mustang will break :)

Racing for money is rediculous and when a "$1000 bet" is made, it's not for real unless you are talking with the big dogs that LIVE at the local 1/8th mile tracks :rlaugh: