Here it is--link to picture / rollbar cover idea?

My rear end and transmission are fixed.:D

My interior was redone last fall. :D :D

The roll bar went in last week. :D :D :D

I cannot wait for the nice weather!!!!!!!

And being that nothing is ever "done" I am thinking about making a custom cover for the roll bar. Any suggestions on what or how to do it myself? Either that or I may have the place that did the seats whip me up a little something.
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I dont know why, but that pic puts me in the mood for BBQ chicken. maybe it's cause I was already in the mood for BBQ chicken. S&B, lets go get some damn chicken.
I don't know if it just the picture angle or what but that roll bar looks pretty high to me. the two tone seats look nice.

The angle of the pic does make it look higher than it does in person. I thought the same thing at first, but it is in line with the top of the windshield and allows easy back seat entry so I am happy.

Thanks about the seats, I love the way they came out too, they were done custom from two rolls of vinyl...

Well I figured since I asked for a great deal of advice on so many subjects here, I had to post my bad news.

After these pics were posted, I had the side supports of the roll bar re-bent and re-welded along the inside of the rear panels (so they were not visible from the outside). I padded the bar, covered it in rollbar rapz (from summit racing), and then installed a new stereo system in June.

Last Thursday, while cruising to take my five year old daughter and wife out for ice cream, I was stopped to make a left turn. A kid in an SUV rear ended us. The roll bar kept the back seat intact. My daughter did not have a scratch or any soreness at all. (She did get out and see the car and then yell at the kid "Look what you did to our Mustang!" :mad:)

The car is totalled, but we are all ok and that is ALL THAT MATTERS! I am thinking this will be it for me and foxes, the next one will probably be a newer hard top. We shall see. Thanks to all those who gave advice that helped this to be one unbelievably enjoyable car to have owned. so sorry to hear that... glad you guys are all okay... sounds like the bar was a good investment after all

Arguably the best money I spent on the car. 3 different body guys that looked at the car said that the bar undoubtedly made a huge difference in how the car "crunched" around the back seat and saved my little one from injury. I am so disgusted that five years of $ and hard work are gone b/c of one guy's mistake, but I can buy another car... I cannot even begin to express the relief I feel that we all were able to walk away, especially my daughter!!!!!!!
Call me crazy, but I had thought about a roll bar /cage for my notch, it's a weekend cruiser, no one is ever in the back seat, is there a bolt in version available?