hesitated start on blown mustang


New Member
Jan 30, 2004
i have an 00 mustang..i think its still in my sig whats on it...its a 5 speed, well when i go to start it and if i let off the clutch before it turns all the way over, and dies..when i go to start it again, even if i wait a min or so it still takes forever to crank over the second time? why is that? or is it just thats what happens because maybe theres the fuel lines are full or what? i havent a clue, thanks
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Founding Member
Apr 21, 2001
Well, the fuel rails probably pressurized at first, then as you released the clutch, the fuel in the rails dumped to the injectors, but then you stopped it.. so, the rails need to repressurize before they can dump fuel to the injectors again, which takes a second.

I would try to start it then release the clutch so it dies, then cycle the ignition a few times, then try to start it and see if that helps.. if not, your pump may be taking a crap.