Hesitation under Boost - Help


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Jun 13, 2005
Long Island
Here's the story. I have an 01 GT with a Kenne Bell 1.7. About 2 weeks ago one of the hoses connecting from the back of the upper intake to the firewall, I'm guessing going to the heater coil, blew and leaked coolant all over the motor, and I had to drive a couple of miles to get the car home pissing coolant.
The hose has been replaced and the coolant system filled and bled. The issue now is that under any boost, the car hesitates and breaks up. I changed out the plugs which were in bad shape. It has gotten a little better, but still hesitates under any load. Idles fine, drives fine outside of boost, no check engine light. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Similar story.....

I popped one of my heater hoses during a hard run when I first got my set up done and soaked my TPS (throttle position sensor), which resulted in all kinds of erratic activity under all levels of throttle. Getting it wet with strait water is one thing, because once it dries out it's usually fine, but soak it with antifreeze and you might as well pitch it and buy a new one.

So....did your TPS get doused in antifreeze when you blew your hose off?