Hiding wires/removing stuff..two questions

So far today I've removed the smog pump and ac pump and all the lines but I came to this connector and am not sure what to do with it...


One line goes to the smog line, one to the EGR, and the last one to the intake manifold. My question is, can I just unplug this connection and hide it in the fenderwell or does more need to be done? I'll be deleting EGR next and I'll plug the intake where the third line goes, I'm more concerned about the side of the connection that goes into the fenderwell. Where does it go?

And the part of the smog line that connects to the back of the heads, do I just plug both sides? I've heard that a 5/8" plug will fit them, is that right?



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Take out those vac lines completely (with no EGR). They go into the fender into a canister (?), which you can also take out. Take out the inner fender and you'll see it. If you don't want to do that, just plug them and hide them in the fender.
yeah i just did the smog pump removal thing on my 94.thers a guy on another mustang site that takes you through it step by step with pix.the site is allfordmustangs.com.i cant remeber exactly where its at,i think its in there tech articles under race.i hope the moderators dont get mad about me droppin the web site here
Thanks I found the article and now I know I did it right. If anyone else is interested here's the link, it's a PDF file...
Click Here

The only thing I'm just a little unsure about is the green, red, and tanish pink plastic lines. Looking at the picture I posted above, the left side of the connector goes into the fenderwell and the right side goes towards the engine with the green line to the EGR, red line to the intake manifold, and the tanish pink to the smog.

On the right side of the connector, the tanish pink line is gone since I deleted the smog, since I don't have EGR the green line is gone, and I removed the red line and plugged the hole in the intake manifold. Is this the right way to do it so far?

And then on left side I just put screws in the holes for each line in the connector and then covered it the tape and put it back in the fenderwell. Is this the right thing to do?

Sure you can do it that way... or just follow the lines into the fender and disconect them there. Since you unplugged the red vac line coming off of the intake, it is pointless to keep any of the lines on there since that was where they all got vac. from. That way they are out of your way and one less thing to worry about.