Hissing Sound, Video Inside, Please HELP!

Need some help, my car has been making this hissing sound since the day I bought it, one year ago. Its very loud and annoying, it goes away when you apply throttle but comes right back afterwards. Sometimes the sound will go away for a little while if I leave it sitting. The engine is all stock, except a K&N, all my money went to full exhaust and partial suspension last summer.

Here is a video I just took of the sound:


I am an engine newb, so please help me out. Thanks guys!
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That is weird. IAC is the only thing that seems to make some sense because it is at idle when it happens. I have no idea though. I was surprised that you could hear the noise in the video, thought it was going to be ROAR ROAR ROAR :lol: I am sure someone will help you out that knows more than I.
PCV valve may be stuck. If so, the hose running from the valve to the manifold has weakened over time, might have a crack in it by now, thus the hissing noise. Check at idle to see if the hose is collapsed for the PCV sticking. Remove hose and check for cracks.
joshheat25 said:
It is telling me your Video is Corrupted! but I know at idle mine made this sound before! I took out the IAC and cleaned it! it also could just be your K and N

Fixed the link up top. The noise was there before the K&N as well, I just put that in a few months ago (cleaned and oiled).

davergt said:
sorry but, whats an IAC valve?
where is it located?


I posted this same question on another forum, and some said it was possible it could be one of the idler or tensioner pulleys. The sound does seem to be coming from that area. I will definitely look into checking out my IAC and the pulleys, see if I can get rid of this annoying hiss, I only wish it was the sound of a Cobra!

Glad to see Im not the only one with this noise, hopefully one of us can get rid of it. Then report back what you did, haha!