Horn took a dump :(


That is…until I whipped out my Bissell
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
Well my horn is dead.

The last week or so it sounded like an moose dying every time i beeped it. It kinda happened after i washed my engine bay down to get the winter's grime off it.

Today i locked my doors and the horn beeped it's last beep. Nothing afterwards.

Befor ei tear my inner fender apart to replace the horns, does anyone have a wiring diagram of some relays to check out first beforehand so i don't replace a good part and discover they still don't work?
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Well my horn is dead.

The last week or so it sounded like an moose dying every time i beeped it.
:rlaugh: i hate that sound. mines died on me twice already.... the 1st time it started squealing, then ate it a few days later.

i know this won't help you any, but the 2nd time my horn died, it happened when i took apart my RAI and was messing with the air filter... i disconnected the battery for 45 min and reconnected, started the car and the horn was working again :scratch:
I'm not totally sure on the 4.6 cars, but it might be worth a shot to look into. Check out the harness that plugs into the LH impact sensor for your airbags. The horn wiring should be in that harness as well, so if there's any moisture inside the plug, you may have no horn.
Batt's fine.

This has actually happened before...but the last time was over 2 years ago.

No idea where the wiring harness for it goes. I looked but couldn't see anything.
i got you covered. hopefully this is what you were looking for :nice:

Ok still haven't fixed it. It worked fine but it's now sounding like a dying moose again.

Where is the relay box and the horn relay and where is wiring connectors C105F and C105M??

I don't want to tear the horns out and replace them if it's a bad connection. I need to start testing for solid 12V but can't find where the wiring is? Anyone have a manual that shows where C105 is??
the relay is in the CCRM which is in the fender and isnt really testable. and just unplug the horn at the conecctor and see if you got 12v avail when the steerign wheel horn switch is pressed. ill check where c105 is if you really need it
Well if it sounds like a dying moose I would hazzard a guess its on its way out. I do like the bumper sticker idea though. I have a Kawasaki Vulcan and the horn on it sounded like a bunch of crickets. Not good when soccer mom is cutting you off. I put a 138 db air horn on it. It is small and compact and fits most anywhere. They are called a Stebel. look on up on E-bay they go for about $40 or so non chrome. Now when you honk the horn they look for the semi they cut off.