How do I return to Factory Tune??


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Feb 25, 2004
I just purhcased a Diablo Predator handheld tuner and I was planning on installing the Diablo Tune tonight to account for my 4.10's, larger tires and to turn off the check engine light due to my off-road Xpipe....anyway, as I was going through the prompts to install the tune....the predator let me know that I could not because the car already has a tune :shrug: I bought the car back in Feb. used and had no idea a tune was on her already! How do I go back to the factory tune so I can use my Diablo Predator??? Do I have to take it to a Ford dealer to have them re-flash the ECU??? How much will something like that run me???

Thanks in advance!!! :flag:
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The predator is brand new from PartShoper here at isn't locked to any car, mine was to be the first. Could the previous owner have had a tuner that he never returned to a factory tuning before he sold it???

If that is indeed the do I go about getting the factory tune back installed???