how do you adjust stock-style rockers?

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Before you do anything more, remember this statement: Power is in the combination of the parts.

Piecing parts together just because you are on a budget and that's what other people tell you to do, is not what you should be doing. Most people that give advice about what part to use usually don't know what they are doing, and you'll find this out the more and more you talk to people.

A camshaft is designed only for the lifter, not a rocker arm. They don't touch eachother. The bigger ratio rocker arm is designed to increase the valve lift without changing the lobe lift.

Excessive valve lift can actually hurt performance, especially with a production Ford head, so 1.7:1 rockers may not be needed.

Before just throwing money at the problems, do your research, ask all the questions you can, make sure that the parts you are about to order will work well together, and be certain that the parts you are about to order are going to fulfill your expectations.