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Jun 8, 2004
I had a Polly lock back all the way off rocker laying on the side of the head.... push rod destroyed ...... seems to be no other damage ... I’m buying new rockers some of the roller pins been trying to back out never did like ...... I was doing a burnout when this happened ..... drove home it was just missing .... ? Checking the rollers I do have some play should I tighten them down more ......


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Yeah, I learned my lesson on that one. You have to adjust the poly lock in the middle and then crank the whole assembly down a little tighter on the stud. If you just tighten the center, it won't be tight enough.

I took the stud out when I took the picture ..... everything is back together now and running fine...... when I get my money up I’m going to buy some new roller rockers stainless steel ...... i’m trying to make this engine bulletproof .... lol lol lol
I like the comp magnum rockers. They’ll take anything you throw at them, and the price is right.

When you tighten the polylock, make sure you use the outer hex head to lock it down. You won’t get enough torque on the Allen to lock it
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