How does this setup sound to you guys...power guesses maybe?

For power guesses this will be going through a C-4 and 8" rear end. Here's the stats

289HiPo from a G.T.350. So factory aluminum intake, HiPo heads, Longtube headers, good magnaflow exhaust, Pertronix ignition, well tuned 625cfm Road Demon, with the addition of a CompCams cam Camshaft, Solid Flat Tappet, Advertised Duration 282/282, Lift .528/.528 for a little more midrange/top end grunt, 1.6 roller rockers.

Sound like a good combo to you guys? I'm not gonna have much money to put into the engine so I figured a cam/lifter upgrade and maybe some better flowing headers. What kinda power do you think it could make at the rear wheels in torque and hp? Also will the stock valve springs work with that cam? Or will they need upgraded. Only other thing I can think of if not will be a new stall.
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if the springs are stock...and have never been replaced, id upgrade them. If they have been replaced already, you will be fine. it sounds like a good combo. Probably a little over 300 hp
I'd sell the Hi-po and get a late model 5.0 roller motor with some good heads. Otherwise to answer your question, I'd also recommend changing the valve springs, even if the would be OK with that cam, they're probably tired after 30 something years ( if they're the originals) What happened to the dual point dist from the Hi-po? can't say as to HP at the wheels, but flywheel HP would be in the 300-325 HP range.
I really wanna drop it in for the fact it is a Shelby. If I didn't and sold it though I'd get a 5.0 roller, .030 over(maybe hypereutectic pistons instead of forged for quicker revves. And the kit rebuild kit from Summit is like 200 cheaper). E-303 cam, Maybe a set of Thumper E7s, dunno if budget would allow AFRs. I have a Holley Street Dominator but I'd probably sell it for a Stealth intake, still the 625 street demon, and some roller rockers. Course I still would hafta get a new stall for it.
IMO unless youve got a shelby and need the engine for originalitys sake,youre much better served with a 5.0 roller engine. By todays standards 289 heads simply suck,even compared to the choking E7 heads used on the 5.0HO. In addition a decent roller cam is heads and shoulders better than most any streetable cam available for the 289 block.. You cant beat technology, use it to your advantage when you can.
usedtobe 67p51d said:
the heads won't flow well enough for the cam. Are you sure in this day and age you want to adjust a solid lifter cam? A well set up hydrolic roller cam can make your motor turn 7k.
:rolleyes: Here we go again----- :rlaugh: What makes you think that cam won't work with stock heads? :bang: :bang: What heads were Ford guys running for the 30 years before the current offering of aftermarket heads came along? Hmmm? Got an answer yet ? Did they go without heads? Or just be content with stock cams? Well? Did they run Chevy's ? What engine ( small block) won the 24 hours of Lemans ------ with stock heads? Well? :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
This might be of some help to you, i built the exact same combination as you exept with a 600 cfm dbl pumper carb. It produced just a little over 300hp (I'd have to find my old dyno sheets) but i had almost no power and torque before 3500 rpms, hated it very much so i swapped the cam for the smaller one from Comp cam model 31-333-4 instead of 31-334-4 and surprise, it gave me 325hp and a broader torque curve. The stock heads don't flow enough for that cam, you'll probably be more happy with the smaller one. Now i swapped the 289 for a 351w and re-installed the 31-334-4 with aftermarket heads, good combination.
First, I'm pleased to see you're seriously considering/planning on keeping the Shelby motor. I suspect several of these folks didn't catch your thread in the "talk" section, so they don't know you've been debating keeping or selling this motor already. Personally, I'll say it again: Since the motor is out of a legit Shelby GT350, I think the motor will maintain its value (or even gain) even if you use it. Some collector/restorer will go looking for one in a few years and you can sell it off then (especially since you know where the original Shelby car is...).

As for the combo, watch the cam specs and piston to valve clearance, and pay attention to compression. I can't remember the ratio, but wasn't compression in the 11:1 area? This could be tough on pump gas, but should be manageable with the right cam, timing, and octane. Moderation will probably get you more useable power and reliability.

My only other comment is don't build it so severe you risk fragging the motor. Put a nice cam in it, put a manual tranny behind it in a nice light weight '66, and enjoy having a nice peppy fun driver. :nice:
Ya I'm still thinkin on it...I really in some ways think the 5.0 would be better b/c I could beat on it more and I could get more out of it. And I could get enough from the HiPo to pay for a complete build up from oil pump to torque converter. I know I'd wanna let it eat every now and then...well..probably alot to hear the nice loud pipes...I'd wanna kick my ass if I was to thrash a Shelby engine...I know I can't build it before I go to the Nascar Tech... I may put it up for sale for 3500 or so....and if someone wants to give me that much, heck ya fine by me...i'll build my 5.0 and have some money for some new wheels....if they dont well i'll have a HiPo whenever I decide my engine does need to come's shortblock is great, just wore out heads/cam/lifters...but it's a stock '77 non-roller so I don't see the point of modding it up when I can have the roller.

BTW as far as wanting a cam that puts more power at cars traction w/ open 8" is pure schnitt......and I really could use my powerband more towards topend so I could launch. If I can get enough spare cash down there I wanna get a 9" w/ posi so I can launch it hard...which of course I would get a better gear than factory...maybe if I do well enough spending money wise I can get a T-5 in there.