How far can i go without changing the computer

Hey i have a 91 fox body gt. I'm planning on swapping the motor with another 302 that i have laying around. I'm on a budget since i'm in college and don't want it to get to expensive. i am wondering how big of a cam can I put in it without running into a problem with the computer.
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The stock computer will probably not be your limitation. The stock computer is gernally accepted to be limited to a 36lb/hr high impedeance injector. A couple of years ago, someone got on this website, and said that he was able to program it to run on a much larger low impedence injector. I don't think your cam will be an issue as long as you get a good piggy back chip to go with it.

By the time you get heads, intake, headers, bearings, seals, etc.. to make use of that cam, it won't do you any good.

You the perfect candidate for an Explorer swap or equivalent if you can get your hands on the parts cheaply.
Evening folks. A computer related question, sorry if it's been asked before, could not find it. Is there a difference between a 5.0 computer and a 4 cyl computer? I have not been able to find any specific info to differentiate. Most charts seem to indicate they are the same. Just looking to confirm.