ecm computer problems

  1. T

    2001 GT PATS issues

    Question: 2001 Mustang GT, replaced fuel pump and filter. Kept stalling and while driving, caused the transmission to hunt the right gear which broke the one way gear in the intermediate. Instrument cluster was also going haywire so it was replaced (since PATS runs through he cluster and EMC)...
  2. A

    Foxbody is possessed and will only fire up sometimes help

    See video: I have a 1992 5.0 that is having really weird issues. with the key in the run position it will do this sometimes and the fuel pump spazzes out you can hear it in the video and you can also hear a weird beeping type of noise. Car...
  3. 2

    2000 Mustang OBD scanner will not communicate!!!

    I have a 2000 Mustang, I am in the process of trying to diagnose, my obd scanner will not communicate with the car, I do have power to the OBD Port, and the scanner does work. Can anyone tell me why the port will not read scanner? In desperate need of help. Thanks in advance.
  4. J

    How far can i go without changing the computer

    Hey i have a 91 fox body gt. I'm planning on swapping the motor with another 302 that i have laying around. I'm on a budget since i'm in college and don't want it to get to expensive. i am wondering how big of a cam can I put in it without running into a problem with the computer.
  5. Johnny H.

    OBD 1 code 15.

    Hey gents. It’s my first time posting in here. I have a 93 Cobra that will run fine then just shut off and the only way it will start up is if I disconnect the battery and connect it again. I went through the process of elimination by replacing the tfi module, ignition coil, fuel pump relay...
  6. E

    Electrical Fuel Pump Issue?

    Alright so I've been across every corner of the internet and have finally broken down to make a forum post,I have recently gotten a 1995 Mustang,3.8l V6. It has a brand new motor with only 30 miles on it and the whole front end has been completely put back together,by myself and two other...
  7. A

    Ecm Questions

    Hi all, so my problem is that we have a 1989 mustang that we swapped over a motor from a 85 Merkur, now we got everything running, just the ECM that is in the car is a 8CC and doesn't know how to correctly run the motor. So we have the ECM from the Merkur, we just don't know the strategy code...
  8. T

    Foxbody Won't Start After 15-20 Minutes Of Being Used!!

    What's up guys, I'm new to the forum so sorry if I sound like a noob lol anyways so I've been searching all over the web for my problem but i keep getting stumped. I have a 1990 5.0 hatchback, ever since I bought the car it will not turn on after driving it for a bit, or if it gets warm. I've...
  9. H

    1993 Mustang Cobra Fuel Pump Issues

    First I want to thank jrichker for his in depth post about the fuel system and electrical diagnosis which has got me almost to beat this issue. Now to what I have. My...