ecm computer problems

  1. J

    How far can i go without changing the computer

    Hey i have a 91 fox body gt. I'm planning on swapping the motor with another 302 that i have laying around. I'm on a budget since i'm in college and don't want it to get to expensive. i am wondering how big of a cam can I put in it without running into a problem with the computer.
  2. Johnny H.

    OBD 1 code 15.

    Hey gents. It’s my first time posting in here. I have a 93 Cobra that will run fine then just shut off and the only way it will start up is if I disconnect the battery and connect it again. I went through the process of elimination by replacing the tfi module, ignition coil, fuel pump relay...
  3. E

    Electrical Fuel Pump Issue?

    Alright so I've been across every corner of the internet and have finally broken down to make a forum post,I have recently gotten a 1995 Mustang,3.8l V6. It has a brand new motor with only 30 miles on it and the whole front end has been completely put back together,by myself and two other...
  4. A

    Ecm Questions

    Hi all, so my problem is that we have a 1989 mustang that we swapped over a motor from a 85 Merkur, now we got everything running, just the ECM that is in the car is a 8CC and doesn't know how to correctly run the motor. So we have the ECM from the Merkur, we just don't know the strategy code...
  5. T

    Foxbody Won't Start After 15-20 Minutes Of Being Used!!

    What's up guys, I'm new to the forum so sorry if I sound like a noob lol anyways so I've been searching all over the web for my problem but i keep getting stumped. I have a 1990 5.0 hatchback, ever since I bought the car it will not turn on after driving it for a bit, or if it gets warm. I've...
  6. H

    1993 Mustang Cobra Fuel Pump Issues

    First I want to thank jrichker for his in depth post about the fuel system and electrical diagnosis which has got me almost to beat this issue. Now to what I have. My...