How fast are 92 z28's


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Jun 20, 2004
Mt.Home AR!
There is a dude that wants to race me and i am not very big into street racing.. I told him I am going to take my car to the track here sometime once i get the time.. I think i would take him if i reamber they arent all that fast..
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droptopponynj said:
Not that fast...they got faster in 93..BUT he could have done some work since there is lots of parts available for chevy smallblocks.
:Word: Find out what he's done to it before you put any money down. If its just a race to see whos faster then just do it and find out, at the track of course :nice:
I owned an Iroc-Z28, and it was no where near as fast as my 92 mustang stock for stock.

but, as everyone is saying above, find out about mods. also, as i remember, the chevy auto's of the day were horrible performance suckers, so if he has that, theres a big advantage.
Turns out my g/f and her friend thought it was a z28 welp it was a stock Rs with a 305tbi.. But me and my g/f meet up with them at chillis and it was full so we go somewhere else and he pulls up at the red light all reving the motor and i was hmm ok.. But i easy off the gas so i dont spin the tires and then floor it and still kill him and i pull into the place we was going to eat and i was almost parked then he pulls up.. I dont think he really liked that lol!
jasonh_86 said:
Iroc-Z.. slow as crap..

the IROC name was dropped half way through 1990 - so in 1992, it was just a Z-28... this year also happens to be one of my favorite years of the Camaro, and I have been dying to get my hands on an unabused '92 (pretty sure they dont exist lol). As stated, it doesn't take much to make a small block chevy fast, in fact a buddy of mine had an 11 second fully built 355 in his '87 IROC... and that motor was running an 8.5:1 CR

heres some good info for you if you want it
Awsome kill!!!!!! I just broke my no racing streak of about 4 months tonight :( I was going to stop (still am) but some guy in an RX-8 was screwing with me a I decided to go. The main one I shifting out o 2nd (not WOT) @ 4K and saw him nail it, so i hit 3rd and pushed down in 3rd...stayed even for about a second (2.5 cars back) then cought and drove past him FAST. Just went to 4th (him= 1/2 car back) and got out of it (90ish) LOL. He did a fly by :shrug:
My friends parents bought him a new 92 Z28 after we graduated high school (91) with the 5.7 in it. It was his first car....needless to say he wrecked it 3 times and was on his 3rd one when I finally got a chance to race him in my 89 5.0. I used to beat him but my other friend would beat me in his Grand National...Damn high school was fun :)
I miss those IROCKS alot of my friends had them in high school and girls loved them.