how good is por-15


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Feb 16, 2010
I have a 99 gt that Iam redoing it has sum light rust starting on the underside from being drivin in the winter, I would think I just got it this spring with no motor, so Iam redoing the hole car with the underside and also full suspension and a turbo, I was wondering if pro-15 is a good as it says? I plain on keeping this car for ever and I dont drive in the winter or the rain"if I can help it" it will be a fun car, but I also want to take it to shows. if you guys have any susgenstions bought a better product please let me know, I was gona redo the under side and seal it and have a paint shop paint the car cuz I cant paint at all, thanks for your sustensions
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Mar 14, 2010
Alberta, Canada
spell check please!!:D

....And judging by this statement
"POR-15 is the product that changed car restoration permanently and is used by manufacturers world-wide to protect their factories from rust and corrosion"

I'd definitely give it a go If I were you...

Dunno what kind of light rust you are referring to, but with the (little) experience I've had with bodywork, I would imagine you could just sand it down?? If you're getting it re-painted anyway I'd personally want that rust gone, rather than just stopping it.

Sorry If thats not the exact answer you were looking for

just my $0.02


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Apr 13, 2010
I use POR-15 a lot on old motorcycle gas tanks. There is a kit they sell that cleans out the rust and etches the metal all at once. Wash out the acid... then use the por-15. It works great for this type of application.

On chassis work like you describe I don’t think I’d use it. It would be worth putting the car in the air, going nose to tail, getting the rust 100% gone, and then sealing it back up. I'd do it in sections... you don’t have to strip it all out... just the trouble spots... and once its clean... seal it ASAP. Do not wait.

If it were a 100% drag car were weight counted the most... I’d acid dip the car and then paint everything... but it’s not... if it were a road race car id still say seal the hell out of it. You never know what you'd race in, and the "extra" weight of the sealer is as low on the car as you are going to make it anyway. If it’s a street car... I’d do the same. Clean it up right, seal it up right and you won’t have to worry for years and years.