Engine How Many Mods?

Rob Y

New Member
Sep 30, 2012
Want to install a cai, underdrive pulleys and a throttle body. Will I need. A tune afterwards?
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Jan 31, 2012
New Pal, Indiana
Like shaunspengler said you will not need a tune, but you'd be happier if you got one. I had a BBK cai, flow masters with a catless H-pipe and some 4:10 gears and it was a lot of fun. I bought a Diablo Sports predator tuner and did the basic 93 octane tune and wow it was a noticable differance. I've been seeing alot of promotion for the Bama tunes, but I dont know much about them. Seems like those tuners change popularity alot. Few years ago everyone talked about Diablo Sports for mustangs.
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