How much insulation do i need?


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Jul 18, 2006
Richardson, TX
I am looking at insulations, think i am going with the damplifier pro, and I am wondering how many square feet i need. I plan on doing the entire inside of the car (firewall, floors, inside doors, trunk floor, inside quater panels, roof, everywhere) I thought that i heard that 160 square feet takes car of it. And i can go out and measure the space but i feel that that will be too much of a rough estimate. I want that Lexus, Mercedes, luxury car feel, where its like your in a sealed compartment. I also wouldn't mind if my door to make that same air tight thud when i close the door. So my question are:

How much do i need?

Should i put two layers of insulation on?
(I figure i can do a nicer insulation on bottom and then somehting like B-Quiet or FatMat on top, becuase there will be a significant temp difference between the points of adhesion.):SNSign:
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If I were you I'd check out the forum on

I installed some of their stuff in my 88 mustang. Here is the link to my install.

If you ask this same question on the forum there, you'll get all kind of replies. I would just stick with secondskin stuff.

Questions to answer before posting:

1. Budget.
2. How much of the car do you want to do.
3. What do you want to accomplish.

Also, I'd call Anthony to order...instead of doing it over the internet. He is the owner and will probably give a discount if you ask (first order).

Good luck. Do it all the first time.
Im getting ready to install 200sq ft of fatmat into my 95, I allready partially did it with dynomat in the past but now Im covering everything...Make sure you either put a layer inside your door skin or get some spray on sound deadener and use it there, most people dont and it kills sound quality from the outer skin vibrating