how much is my lx worth


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Jan 23, 2007
i dont have any pictures of it on my computer but its an 89 lx hatchback.
there is one dent in the hood (im planning on replacing it with a 2.5 cowl anyways) and the paint is a little dull (white) but the body is in extremely good shape other than the one dent. the interior is mint. one of the plastic trim pieces right on the inside of the door that runs along the bottom next to the seat is cracked and one of the side view mirrors is cracked.


interior: 94 cobra black leather front seats (matching rear seat delete should be added within a month or so)
pioneer cd player
other than that everything is all stock and in very good shape and works (including power mirrors door locks etc. the only other thing i can think of with the body/interior is the striker on the rear hatch needs to be adjusted a little

engine/drivetrain: freshly rebuilt 302 (honed and cleaned up but not bored) all new fel-pro gaskets top to bottom, trickflow upper and lower intake, gt-40 heads (fresh valve job), ford racing E cam, 24# injectors and 70mm mass air to match, moroso cai, forged pistons, smog pump delete, hooker long tubes, solid motor mounts, built c-4 tranny, 2800 precision stall converter, lentech full manual valve body, hursts shifter, FRPP alum. drive shaft, 94 cobra front spindles with the big disks and cobra calipers and 94 cobra rear end with fresh 3.73s and the rear disks/calipers from the 94, 5 lug 95 cobra R wheels 17x8 front with new 245 bfg rubbers, 17x10.5 rear with 275 new nitto drag radials, custom h-pipe, 1 chamber flow masters dumped. the springs are cut 4cyl springs in the front and stock gt springs in the rear, these will be replaced fairly soon as well.

im sure there are other odds and ends that im forgetting but thats all i can remember for now
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We're really gonna have to have pictures to tell you... Usually around here one man's treasure is anothers trash :rlaugh:

Post some pics :nice:
i know what ya mean, ill try to get some pics. i am very judgemental about foxes though and this one really suprised me with the interior most of all. ill try to clean it up this weekend and get some pics. i wont be able to get them up anytime before that as i go to a military college and wont have any leave till friday or saturday:nonono: