How much space is reccomended between tire and quad shock?


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Oct 22, 2002
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Just got my 275/40/17's on 9 inch rims put on. I looked under the car and there is about 1/4 inch between the quad shock and the tire. Just wondering if it would be a good idea to flip the quad shock around, or is 1/4 inch fine? And If anyone is wondering 245/45/17 on a 9 inch rim also, fit fine up front with absolutley NO rubbing issues!
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Oh, and heres a few pics of the new rims...



If they don't rub then don't worry about it too much but flipping them might be a good idea. Car looks good, crome isn't my thing but I like it. 275's all around, I think the front would be rubbing too much. I run 255/40's in the front because they are lower and thinner for more clearance and 245/40's will work but won't look right, they buldge in towards the thread.
Stang look's awesome with those Cobra's Cardudeusa.... Alot better.
I'd say go and buy some good quality Upper & Lower Control Arm's and some poly bushing's for the upper housing. That way you can take those quad shock's off and throw them in the garbage and you won't have to worry about clearence problem's.
Quad Shock's are pretty much useless once you throw some good Control Arm's on her and the upper bushing's.
Thanks for all the comments! I love the new look also!!! I plan on getting the upper and lower controll arms one day down the road. I also got my 70MM accufab today, BEAUTIFUL! I have to get used to the gas pedal again, because my old Pro Products TB stuck so now every time I go to take off, I floor it expecting it to stick... LOL.