How to bypass neutral safety switch?

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My question is, why are you having so much trouble?? First off, do you have an ohm meter? if so, with the car in park, test the pigtail for the park/neutral start and move the switch until it ohm's out. Snug it down, and then test the back-up lights with the trans in reverse, move the switch until they ohm out and you should have no problem.

if you must know however....

follow the wires up to the firewall. Unplug the connection (its a 2x2 plug) and one set will be the backup lights and the other will be the neut. safety. simply jump the corresponding male and female and ta-da!
Im not sure why im having so much trouble. Yes I have an ohm meter and will give it a shot. Side note: backup lights have not worked in years, even with new NSS's and after adjustments.


I had issues with mine. YOu know what the problem was? the drivers side bulb was burnt out :D b/c they're hooked in series, if one goes out, there's no circuit.

if you test the pigtail though, the backup light switch should ohm out. I just said that b/c this only happens at one spot in the tranny, and it should place you dead on where you need to be.