How To Make A Honda Faster:


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Apr 13, 2004
1. Put a Type-R emblem on your car somewhere. This will give you at least 20 HP. It’s a must do, notice how all the cool cars have them?

2. This one is a tuff one, get an old coffee can and cut a hole in it (The bigger the coffee can the better). Paint the inside of the can any color (I heard red makes you go faster!). Get a hot glue gun and hot glue it to your exhaust tip and BINGO, you just made 15HP!

3. 3-Spoke chrome rims. These are the best type out there, they will give you the most HP, I had a friend who had them, and he was unstoppable! But any chrome rims will make a gain in HP.

4. Lots of decals! The more you have the better! They have been scientifically proven to make HP and make a better aerodynamic Honda.

5.Cut your springs. The lower your Honda is the better, cutting your springs makes you look cooler and that slant inwards looks pretty damn cool.

6. It is common knowledge that carbon fiber ads mad horses. It’s 5 horses for every square inch or so.

7. Wearing your hat backwards in a Honda can lower your E.T. .4, all the fastest ones do this. If all else fails you could always tow your Honda behind a Yugo to make it faster, (I recommend octane booster for this; it pays to be safe)

8.Don’t forget that a complete entertainment system with speakers that you have to stand 35 yards from to listen to will add a good 15 hp when the Vtec kicks in.

9.Making your car sound like a lawn mower puts you at 11 second 1/4 mile times alone. The lawnmower handle attachment, aka, 6-foot tall fin on the back ads easily 50 hp. When it reaches its max speed of 10 miles an hour 3 guys can easily push it using the fin to reach a max speed of 20 miles per hour, kind of like NOS(but not really).

10. The single windshield washer arm trick. This trick will not only make your car much lighter, but look soooo cool. Nothing looks cooler than a single wiper sports car. Here’s how to do it! Take off one of the wiper arms (be careful, it will weigh a lot! That’s why all the fast cars have only one!) Now that you got one off, put the other one in the middle and your done!

11. A must have are a pair of stick on hood pins... Uncle Ben says it will add at least 35 HP and make your ride look good at the same time.

12. I hear if you paint your Honda yellow, it is good for 15 horsepower...also, the skunk on wheels approach turns any stock 5spd Honda into a 6spd super car, capable of running with ford festivas, aspires, and even automatic geo metros.
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I like to tune my hats a little to the side instead of all the way backwards, I like the powerband that it has.
plus you gotta rev the motor to the last number on the tach, all the red is where the horsepower is. and getting in an accident is teh best. you go faster when your body panels don't line up right and you have bondo/primer everywhere, those are the fastest.
yeah dude, it's crazy. they're mad sleeperz, it sounds like they're going 85 mph and you look way down the road and don't see them! it's because they arent that far down and only going 35, now that's trick.
hondas = teh dEcePterz
Ok, no $ we were setting at a light on hwy 99 and heard a older Rabbit speeding off...and get this... a big ol John Deere front loader chasing him...and he was keeping up pretty good. Its one thing to get :owned: , but that was rediculous.