How'd you mount your Corbeau seats?

I'm purchasing some Corbeau Legacy seats in the "Wide" variety.

I want to know how others here mounted their Corbeau seats. Do I have to use the seat tracks, or the seat track adapters? What's the difference and what works better?

I CAN'T have the seats sit any higher than the factory seats already do, so I need to know how to work this.

Thanks guys!
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I put my Corbeau Sport Seats in the first time with the cheap seat adapters. They make the seat sit too high. I called Corbeau and they told me that if I used the special application seat tracks the seats would sit at stock height. They were right. The seats with their seat tracks fit in just like stock.

Some special hints on the installation: When mounting the seat/tracks in the car, you have to start each nut or bolt and then tighten it down due to the tracks being flat square and the floorpan not being totally flat. The next hint is when assembling the seat to the track, use loctite and a small star washer during the assembly. This will keep the bolts from loosening and making you take the seat back out to retighten them.

Good Quality, no complaints about mine.
onefstsnake said:
yeah get the complete kit. Brackets w/ sliders.

Sits just like stock.

Also use washers on the rear seat bolts since the bolts almost fit through the holes in the bracket.

I love my A4's! :D

I thought it was just mine. I had to use one washer on the drivers side rear. Them seats were going in even if I had to help them:lol:
great guys!! Thanks for the help!

I have to use longer bolts anyway because I have custom sub-frames with seat supports, but I already figured that.

I just needed to about the adapters or sliders. I figured the cheap way wasn't going to work...go figure! I know what to get.
I used the recaro (same thing) brakets that were on the Celica they came out of, and just drilled new holes in them to accept the stock brackets. Sits just fine, plus my seats are adj. for height up to 3-4" either way~
I used the corbeau slider bracket, and my seat is too dang high. It is fairly close to stock height, but I am 6'1" and like to sit upright. If I didn't have the moon roof, my head would be 1" in the roof liner.
My plan is to cut and weld the corbeau bracket to lower it about an inch. That should put me where I want to be.

A friend of mine has the wide seats in his stang, and they rub on the door arm rest. Just something to watch for, as after several years he has worn a hole in the seat fabric.
I have worn a hole in my seat as well.
In all I am unimpressed with corbeau. They are very comfortable, but the materials and fit do not seem ideal for our cars.
Just my opinion.