HVAC Problems


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Jun 18, 2003
Houston (Bellaire) TX
I bought the car a few weeks ago, and still deciphering the previous owners shenanagans concerning whats been added/removed so forth. I've figured out that the heater core has been bypassed but my a/c seems like it works (blows fairly cold), yet... i can put the selector switch on anything i like but it will only blow out the defrost vents and a bit out on your feet. What gives?
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Vac leak. I'd check the lines at the back of the HVAC controls and in the vacinity of the blend-door ducting (for the flapper, etc).

Someone else can give specifics of exactly where to look at what is most likely (the yellow vac line, etc).

Good luck.
yeah thats what i would go forsure.. awhile back when i had my motor appart i put it back in and forgot to hook up the vac line for the controls and all it blew out was threw the defrost and abit threw the lower vent and that was it