I feel like hell, this mistake was beneath me


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Dec 3, 2002
Seattle area, WA
There is no way I should have made this mistake and especially not on this car. I was working on my mom's Benz and I totally effed up the brake hose and the hard line connector today. I rebuilt the caliper just to be safe and when I went to put the caliper back on the brake hose wouldn't thread right into the hard line. I THOUGHT I had it... I really thought I did. When I went to wrench it down it went easy at first then got hard. I took it apart and tried again and again to align it correctly. Eventually I wrenched it down and it got way too tight way too soon and the threads were trashed. This is really a stupid beginers mistake and I'm way to good to have let this happen. I feel like such a dumbass.

I'm lucky, the hard line is the shortest one in the car, I'm going to take it over to a custom shop tomorrow when I get up and have them make me a new one and also pick up a new brake hose from the Benz dealer. I'll get it back together tomorrow but man..... I'm SO STUPID.

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It happens to the best of 'em. If we didn't make bone-headed mistakes every once in a while our heads would never fit through door :D

My personal favorite is mounting the torque converter to the flex plate and then trying mount the transmission to it...didn't work so good :rlaugh:
all i can say rusty is, been there, done that, got the "T" shirt(in fact the entire wardrobe!), and ruined them doing the same stupid things again. dont feel bad.
Well, I've got it all patched up now, no leaking. I took the hard line off and brought it over to the performance brake line shop and had them patch it up for me. Got a new brake hose from Benz. Everything SHOULD be happy now. I still feel like a moron for leting that happen.

Stuff happens, time to move on.