I just got my explorer motor, now what cam should i get for my efi?

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I am not sure that they have a different firing order....You still wanna change the cam though. THey benefit alot from a little cam swap. I would get a crane 2031 cam and buy trickflow's valve spring kit and call it good. Should put down 270-280 at the wheels.
cool! someone at corral told me i should get a trick flow stange one cam, i was looking for that crane cam in summit, and i cant find it. how will that cam work with our comps? also, is it true that the motors blow up? that was only on the 4.0's right, cause its basically the SAME thing as a cobra engine, with different heads
i got mine for 650. It has 55,000, and its a 97 and 10 months. That makes it the 9:1 compression model. 97 and 3 months and earlyer had 8.6:1 compression. 96 and earlier just had gt40 heads, where as the 97+ engines have the better gt40P heads, which is stamped on them. also the plugs come straight out at almost a 90' angle instead of tilted up like ours. CAN anyone help me decide between a trick flow stange one cam, and the crane 2031? please, please? ive got to order one so i can get this show on teh road