I need a creative mind to help me with my problem!!


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Dec 5, 2004
I just took out the A/C and i need to cap off the two tubes that come out of the firewall. now i'm in the middle of nowhere and none of the auto shops around here have $hit! I tried to find some heater hose caps but they don't have anything even close. I never thought i would say this but i actually miss THE ZONE. anyways if you can think of anything that I could use to cap these i would really appreciate it.
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this is gonna sound really funny, but you know on stunt bike handle bars, and even some other bikes, the little rubber caps that go in the end of the bars? well the previous owner of my car took out like 1/2 the a/c lines ( he was a tard..he also used drywall screws wedged in the pulley on the compressor to stop the pulley from tunring)....anyway, he got a few of those rubber caps from a GT brand bicycle, and stuffed them in there...i noticed them a few weeks ago, and realized what they actually were and had a good laugh...its funny cause the car is a GT also....not so funny, but funny enough....:lol: if you dont know wat i mean, lemme kno and ill take a pic or somethin...
if u are near a home depot or a home improvement type place u can buy the caps that they sell that go on the bottom of the legs of folding chairs. they sell those caps to put on the legs so they dont sratch floors. i used these caps to cover those exact tubes, i had to spray paint them black first though.
95cobraguy you are a genius. I don't know if I can find just the caps but i know where i can buy the chair with them for $12.
there aren't any home depot's in england.

stprorolla49, i had thought of that too. well kind of. i thought about buying some handle grips and cutting off the tips and then clamping them on.
if the caps dont fit tight u can wrap some electric tape around the end of the tube until the cap sits on there nice and firm. dont worry, the caps will cover the tape. if your a real nut like me u can get some of that black split wire loom and put that over the metal tubes so u dont even see em.