I need help seriously, Im totally lost!!


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Jun 7, 2003
Akron, OH
Car was running perfect, I swapped out my Cobra Intake for a Systemax, my 95mm PMAS mass air meter for a DBX 97mm, swapped out my 42lb injectors for 50lb injectors, my stock FPR for a Kirban AFPR, car will not run now. The 1st mass air meter I got from Andrerson which was reading voltage on the PMS but for some reason was throwing a code 66 on the dash "missing mass air signal, and a code 2000 on the PMS which is also "missing mass air signal" I sent that back to Anderson, they verified it was bad, and they sent me a new one, installed that one, same problem, however this time no voltage on the PMS. I went to Summit Racing, picked up another DBX, same problem no voltage reading on the PMS. If I install my stock sensor it has voltage. Completly lost on what do now, anything helps!!!!!
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Unless you're leaving something out, your post answers itself: if new doesn't work, but old does, new is junk. Find another source for parts or cross your fingers that you'll eventually get one that works.
i had a PMAS meter and it worked fine, i wish i could have just kept it but i needed more fuel. This DBX is way to much for me, you have to download software, plug in USB cables upload tables and settings. I would just hate to buy a PMAS and have it do the same thing after spending 400 dollars on this DBX.