I need some guidance!!


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Nov 13, 2003
I recently acquired a 67 mustang with no engine but It has a tranny a C-4 that is new. now the guy gave me a newly rebuilt motor that came out of his 1983 5.0 5-speed mustang. I was able to test out the engine before I got it and it runs great. Now my question is what year car do i need to get the flywheel/flexplate from to make it work with my C-4 automatic ????? the carb on the motor is the original holley would i need to switch the carb because I am going from standard to automatic trans ?????
thanks guys
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To maintain the balance of the engine, you will need a flexplate with the 50 oz. imbalance that was used in the 80's. The carb will be alright since your kickdown on the 67 works off of the mechanical linkage connected to the gas pedal.Your C4 bellhousing should bolt right up to the engine.