I need your help guys


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Jun 26, 2004
Ok guys, I need your help.

Here is my problem: I am a 16 year old mustang fanatic. I work at Fred's making $5.50 an hour, my parents bought me a 2000 v6 Automatic convertible for my 16th birthday right. It's quite fast, but we always wanna go faster right?

I am seriously considering saving my money and trading in the v6 on a GT in a year or two. But, I have the mod bug NOW and crazily want to mod the v6. I am stuck in a bind...lol. My parents pay for pretty much everything but gas, including my insurance as of now. It is $6 a month extra, i know you wont believe it, but i dont care. I was already insured to drive my parents cars so we just basically added a car.. $20 down payment and $6 a month. I think they ****ed up in the computers or something, lmao.

If I get a GT, my insurance will probably skyrocket, and i doubt I can manage that + a car payment, let alone modding it. But then again, I will have an 8 instead of a 6 and that allows for much more power. Then again, I'm only 16. I know you probably think I can't handle that power, but I can .

What are your opinions? Should I (1)mod the v6 now, and get a gt or cobra later on in life. (2) Don't mod the v6, save for a gt in a year or two and mod it

C'mon guys this is a really hard decision for me, I have everything planned out for what I wanna do for the 6...any ideas?
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Dec 26, 2003
Tallahassee, FL
acidkoolz said:
(1)mod the v6 now, and get a gt or cobra later on in life.

thats what i plan on doing... im 18 and will be going to college soon, so i need all my money for that, so im just gonna be doing a few things here and there to keep me satisfied until ive got some real money and can afford a v8


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Sep 3, 2000
Florence, Alabama
if you want a v8 then get one.... you can get a fox body and fix it up and have it in amazing condition for pretty darn cheap... alot cheaper than that car cost. and if your parents say anythign about reliability a 5.0 motor is very reliable if it breaks its super easy to fix... trannys are cheap all that. but since you just turned 16 you will wind up wrecking it anyway more than likly so just wait till you do and you can change soem body parts on the car~ save your money for now till you can make a more educated desicion.


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Dec 25, 2003
Pensacola, FL
mod the v6. if your parents wont pay for insurance, they probably won't pay for the car, either. This is coming from the mouth of experience...keep what you have...don't get too far in debt. I was paying a large car payment but doing fine throughout high school, then i got in college and thankfully my dad picked up the payments but if he hadnt, i would have never been able to pay. college life is EXPENSIVE. much more than anyone ever expects, no matter who tells you.