I think I found what I've been looking for!!!


New Member
Dec 5, 2004
well I've been going back and forth on whether to get a supercharger or turbocharger or do up my suspension. I think I finally decided on a turbo!
after searching around the turbomustang.com forums i found ponydown turbos. I've emailed several companys (including hellion who is suppossed to have really good customer service) and so far he is the only one to respond. Everything I've read about him on the forums is possitive. His kits are a great deal cheaper than any comparable kit and from everything i've read about him he delivers the kits in respectable time. I sent him another email with a few questions I have so once he gets back to me I'll probably give him a call and figure out exactly what i want to get.

I will keep you all updated on what I do decide since I'm always changing my mind but I think this is the route i'm going especially since I can afford it right now and won't have time to talk myself out of it.
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