I want 300hp (flywheel)


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Aug 5, 2000
Seattle WA USA
Well, here is what I have so far:

GT40 heads that have been ported and treated to a 3 angle valve grind
93 cobra upper and lower also ported and gasket matched
1.7 Crane cam Roller Rockers

I have yet to bolt the stuff on, but I am still running the stock headers... What will I need to hit my goal:)
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I agree with bgjohnson. I am using the same heads, intake, & 1.7's as you listed, in my current rebuild project along with frpp headers & am expecting 260-280. I would say for your goal you will need a cam & headers along with matching tb & mam.
I'm putting out 216 rwhp with underdrives, 76mm C&L, and a crappy x-pipe.

With the heads and intake both polished and gasket matched it will be easier to make the power you want. But, I hope you're planning to go to a larger TB, Mass air meter and headers like the others have said or you will be dissapointed with your numbers. Of course, it's not hard to install those bolt ons afterwards.
lol, that would be sweet dude:p


Underdrive pulleys are a must..but I agree, your just missing the cam and pulleys to get you to the 290-300 flywheel area. Your stock cam is better then the mass air cars, but nothing like an E cam or something from Trick flow..

BTW..dont eliminate your A/C. Keep it there..just dont use it. Sure you can reinstall it later, but you'll need to recharge it, and its a big hassle. Weighs about 46 lbs...not enough to be concerned about. Remove the spare tire and jack if your concerned about reducing weight..besides, your giggle juice will get your times that you desire...and check your dame PM box!
46lbs is 46lbs, i say. Both of my cars have A/C but neither of them work. They need recharged and i assume they have small leaks after 12 years of use. It would cost me hundreds of dollars to have the system checked, flushed, converted to new refrigerant, and refilled. Not worth it to me since it rarely gets over 80 degrees here.

I plan to pull the A/C compressor and lines off and put on the Ford A/C eliminator. The HVAC stuff will still be in the car but i'll lose a bunch of unnecessary weight, clean up the engine compartment, and reduce the number of hoses running all over the place. Considering i don't use the A/C at all, might as well get rid of it. If i ever want to put it back in i'll be able to and won't be any worse off than i am now. Most likely if i ever decided i needed A/C again i would buy an aftermarket compressor that's designed for R134 instead of converting the compressor that came stock on my car.