I want a 200mph+ race car from my 95

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Apr 8, 2002
So i saw a news special on those radar cameras on the 101 loop in scottsdale Az and there was a pic of some silly kid going 174mph in what looked to be a 442 cutlass or some sort of gm muscle car. He was giving the camera a thumbs up.
If i were to attempt this, i'd like my picture and ticket in the mail to read over 200+mph. wouldnt that be something? lol Jk guys, i'm not going to try this but if i ever ran my car on a race track, with enough room i'd like to hit over 200+

My questions are endless-
Can the Maximum Motorsports Maximum Grip Box 94-95HT provide me with a suspension capable of 200+?
Would anyone try this feat on BFG Gforce KD's?
Who is a reputable Roll Cage installation company?
Should I put a ford 9 rear end in my car? which gear would be good for this feat?
Would u rather have a LS7 chevy crate engine or 427 ford crate from Coast high performance? I will retain the stock hood no matter what. how much hp should i shoot for?
Should i get a t-56 or powerglide?
Does anyone make areodynamic equipment for the undercarriage of a stang? I will not alter my cars outter appearance. Not even the spoiler. it will look stock.
I will be attempting this sometime in my life so wether u guys take me serious or not, any input would be cool and appreciated.
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WOW.. me too.. To be safe and stable I would befriend a Mechanical Engineer..You will definately need to smooth the undercarriage, and......like it or not, you will probably have to do external AERO mods..
I have an article somewhere in one of my old magazine about a guy in an sn95 that was punching 200+ mph for the silver state road race

There was extensive work done on the exterior of the car, even the rear vent windows were put to new use. The aerodynamics of your car won't allow you to get to those speeds without an extremely ridiculous amount of horsepower

The sn95 in question did it with just over 600, but like I said, he had some pretty serious gear to get him where he wanted to be
I'd say lower the car as low as possible, clean up the bottom of the car, get a front airdam and a good rear spoiler, you'd probably have to adjust your front alignment. I forget what all the alightment terms are, but I think you want the bottoms of the wheels to point inward and the fronts to be straight or even pointed slightly outward for high speed stability. Oh yeah, definitely get a really good roll cage, lol.

That said, please don't do it!
i say its definately a reachable goal. ive had mine up to 165 and its not as unstable as you might think. i believe it was mm&ff that had an article about it. they were doing a turbo 302 with 200mph potential in a fox. it wont take a ton of power to do it either. heavy ass lambos can do it with 500 horse. i just think our front end would need a little work.

with that said, i would run a turbo 302 based motor with a t56 and a 8.8 with some steep ass gears. heres my reasons for those.

302 based- keep the weight down and the car was designed for it anyway
turbo- pulls forever and loves the tall gears that will be needed. plus you dont need to do much for exhaust
t56- strong, and its a t56, what else is there to say lol (you could run a built 5 speed but its purley preference)
2.73, 3.08, 3.27 gears- all give you a "theoretical" top speed in excess of 200mph, assuming a 6200 redline and stock tire height. with the 2.73 stock gears and t-5 my car was geared to go 245 at 6250:lol:

play around with this. plug the t56 gearing in and you can figure out what youll need as far as gears http://www.allfordmustangs.com/Detailed/608.shtml
5.0 mustang had a car that hit 200 and had to stay at 200 for like 45 minutes or something crazy like that. i think that is what aaron is talking about. he had crazy crap done to that car. he had coolers for everything! see if you can search their site from maybe 3 years back now. i think the car was purple. it was on the cover....if i remember, i'll look for it when i get home tonight
I read an article one time on sn95 cobras and i beleive they were able to extract 3-4mph+ when taking the stock spoiler off. I would be willing to run my car without the spoiler. lol Besides...wouldnt a huge rear spoiler like a cobra R make the cars front end raise at high speeds? Anyone ever see those boats flip over when air gets under them?:eek:
I was thinking of having over 800hp regardless of the cars topspeed. I think this would be easy...nascar cars do it carburated and N/a. I'll just get some sort of crazy crate engine.
No one said whether or not the Maximum motor sports susension is decent for high speed...Their incar video on their websight looks promising tho.
My car is a pile sitting in my garage right now...wont start and I've got the cash to do whatever sounds interesting. I cant wait to make up my mind. lol
i really wanted to build a silver state car and ended up selling it after realizing exactly how much it costs to legally do 200mph.

if you don't have $75k laying around then just forget it.

there is no way in hell you will ever get to 200 with the stock aerodynamics.

you will need a dart block with some sort of forced induction that makes a bare min of 650rwhp---oh yeah its gotta be dead nuts reliable.

you will not sustain any type of high speed without high dollar tires that have been sonic checked, heat cycled, etc. you will also not sustain speeds with any type of bolt-on style rear end.

you will need a viper spec t56 at least, but heres the catch---the viper spec has some off the wall gearing so you need to build that dream of an engine with as wide a power band as possible.

the best advice i can give you is to start doing the silver state annually and network with the guys there. you can't run unlimited for a while anyways, so get your experience now.

good luck, if you decide to do an unlimited run hit me up---i wanna navigate.