I want to start a resto project

I have a 95 GT right now.....but I really want to build a 69 or 70 Mach 1. Now here's my dilemma....does anyone know where I can find a shell to start with? Also what are the trouble areas for rust that I should look for? Thanks in advance for any leads. :shrug:
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I sure would not start with a shell on a 69-70 vehicle. Parts are hard to get for these years and there is not a lot of repro stuff out there to make it easy to restore one of these vehicles. You want to buy as complete a car as you can afford or you will probably end up spending more in the long run. I could be wrong about this and if I am I'm sure someone will correct me.
I would certainly love to buy a FULLY restored one...but I can't afford that all at once. I realize that it will be a money bit for a couple of years and that once it is done it will not be what I put into it....however..starting from scratch and working on it ever so slowly is the only way that I can realistically afford my dream car. I have started pricing already but was hoping for something a little more local...but will travel for right price....
Well, I gotta agree with Ronstang about starting with a more complete car as opposed to a shell. Take this from someone who started with something inbetween. You will save so much more time, effort, and money by buying a better car to start with.

Here is some perspective for you...

You can buy this '69 Mach shell and spend the next 2 or 3 or more years and $15k-$25k (if you do the work yourself, more if you don't) before its a decent car again.

Or you can spend a bit more to start and buy something like this '69 Mach and spend a year or so and $8k-$10k (again, if you do the work yourself) to have a nice car.

Or maybe even start with a nice driver like '69 Mach clone and start enjoying it immediately, and upgrade as you want/need.

Hope this helps. Good luck! :nice:
Look for something that has all of the basics there. A shell just means frame, roof, rear quarter panels usually. You will save a lot more money if you start with something that actually runs at the time you buy it. It doesn't necessarily have to be completely roadworthy, just in decent mechanical order. Trust me, there will still be plenty of work to do!! Also, unless you want to do a lot of body work/ welding look for one with little rust. Check floor pans and front/rear frame rails very carefully. I had to replace almost all the floor and rear frame rails on mine (it was a fun and education project, but you need equipment and money for those parts). Good luck finding your project car!
Thanks for all the great advice. I guess that I was a little bit ignorant with the usage of the word 'shell'. Thanks for educating me...I guess what I would like to start with is more like the second example that DarkBuddha gave me and work from there. Also does any one have any recommendations or non-recs for parts stores here in SoCal? People that they have used or would never use again.
Mporth8r said:
I guess what I would like to start with is more like the second example that DarkBuddha gave me and work from there.
Good choice... Good luck finding the right car. eBay can be a good place to look, but if you're in Cali, keep your eyes on the local papers and the autotrader online.
:cool: I think that you need to Plan on what you want the Stang to be first.

If your going to go all out and restomod it from the suspension up,
Then get a good basic complete shell type.

But wanting a restored one, In the end will be less money in the long run
by searching for a more complete running orignal.

As said the parts for those years are on the higher $ side for replacements.

welcome to my world

just bought my 69 fastback project, heres what i just learned. dont look for a mach 1 unless you care about the history(im gonna do restomod so I dont). it seems they get alot more $ for the Mach 1. Buy a complete car even if its trashed so you know how it comes apart and what to replace. 69s and 70s are more expensive for parts and a little harder to find but a couple hours on the WWW will find everything you need. sheetmetal and complete interiors suprised me how cheap they are. buy one quick, ebay is getting a killing on rust piles. where you located? i got a couple other prospects
I had a 95 GT last year too (my first car) I sold it at the end of the year, and I just bought my 69 about 2 months ago. This car will be a money pit for you. My car came with everything I needed. It was a fine running car. Just remember that everything adds up. Save what you can off the car and restore it. Just put a little work into it. some wire brushes, sand paper, and primer and paint can make a LOT of stuff under the hood look brand new.

Just work slow man. Unless you have an endless wallet. My paychecks are slowly but surely all going to the same cause... Have fun and good luck!

Man o man....I just can't get over how great this site is. I really appreciate all the help. I am looking to restore a 69/70 Mach 1 but I'm not real concerned about matching numbers or anything like that...Yet. I'm only 25 and just really love that body style. In a perfect world I would like to get a 428 or maybe a 460 Mach 1, but I am probably gonna start with a 351 Mach 1 (unless I hit the lotto). As for the elbow grease, I have alot of that on reserve and hope to carry all this enthusiasm into this project. I am constantly hunting ebay and the local papers for anything that looks promising. I am in Victorville, California so if you happen to hear of or see anything that might be promising please let me know. Man this is a great site...thanks again and please keep responding to this thread...strength in numbers and all that...
Me and my dad are restoring a 69' mustang fastback. Its a little more expensive i would guess than the earlier classic Mustangs. Theres a couple main parts on the car that just rust out like theres no tommarow but they can be fix with some welding and fabrication skills. Fun stuff..
Project = money pit. You will be amazed how quickly it adds up. My stang, whose body was mostly ok, but needed rust repair here and there and no body panels, will likely run me close to 8-9K when finished (not including the price of the car)...

Just be prepared for what it is going to cost. As they said parts for your year, aren't nearly as plentiful as they are for the 65-68's...
Haven't replied to this in a while but here goes....got a smokin deal on a 1970 Mach 1 with a 351W 4v 4bbl not much rust, good interior but a couple of dings on the quarters for 4k. Here's the best part it also comes with a '70 302 fastback for free. Found it on ebay..guys moving=great deal. I'll have pics uploaded shortly.