Idle Issues


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May 11, 2004
Carlisle, PA
I have a 96 GT with a CAI, 70 mm throttle body, Trick flow plenum, 3.55 gears, off road h, eibach's and flows. This weekend i put on a nitrous express kit and colder spark plugs. Now when i stop at a red light or stop sign the car idle's at 1500 for about 3 or 4 seconds then drops. I clean the idle control valve check the tps and maf. I put in new egr's i checked all the vacum lines nothing seems to work i recalibrated the computer twice. Still nothing anyone have any suggestions. Thanks

P.S. it didn't do it before i installed the bottle and plugs. (auto lite plugs one setting cooler for the juice)
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Welcome! Typically this is associated with an induction upgrade, like the MAF, TB and / or plenum. Sounds like you've checked all the obvious possibilities. I doubt the plugs are part of the problem. But is it possible you have an air leak where the nitrous tube is mounted?
When I installed my plenum and TB, I reset the computer, but it took a week of driving for the idle to calm down. (It wasn't instantly fixed)
I just gave that a try not runnin the iac and the car didn't hang up on the rpm's like it was. But when you pushed the clutch in the rpms just droped like a carberated car. It ran to ruff for me. So i will pass on that but thanks for the idea it did work just i didn't like how the car ran.
I installed a zex nitrous kit this weekend. It was idling crappy and hanging rpms at 1500 and stuff. It ended up being slight vacuum leaks from the box - fpr, and from the intake - box. You'd probably know what I'm talking about if you had a zex kit. Never had any experience with nitrous other than zex. I put some chicken wire stuff on the vacuum lines and it fixed the idle problem. :) I was happy. Lemme know what you find out