Idle problem


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Dec 3, 2003
Does anyone know how to solve a idle problem on SN-95 w. 306, afr 165, E-303, 24# injectors, 76 mm maf, ??

I have tried everything including a new idle speed control sensor new maf sensor, chip, but the idle still ranges for 500 - 2000 rpms

Thanks in advance for the help

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Do you have a chip or EEC tuning device? If not, you'll probably never get it to idle very well, because of the narrow LSA on the E cam. You could raise the idle manually to 900 or so, and it should help some.

same problem


Im having the same problem with mine and running the same combo as you with 30lbs. I am going to get it tuned and chip burned on Wed so will let you know the outcome.
Ford sent me something on idle as well, goes something like this/

Start motor and get it to operating temp.
disconnect idle bypass harness, if engine stalls-adjust throttle plate till it idles and your comfortable with it
Adjust TPS till you get .96-.99 volts
Disconnect neg battery terminal to reset computer

And thats it. They say if you did it in order, you should get a nice idle. Thanks, mike