If you are a 4.6L N/A member, read this =)


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Jan 18, 2004
New Jersey
1st off, all of you power added stang owners get out! You are not wanted here :p

Anyway, i wanted to inform you all that my family owns and runs a sign shop here in northern NJ, and I am capable of printing out custom vinyl grahpics, decals, stripes, stickers, letters, etc. So as hotmustang (our leader) created the idea of making our own N/A sticker for our club...i went ahead and ran with the idea.

So i want some input on what you guys think we should have for our graphic? (it will be small enough to put on the driver side rear quarter panel window)

Here is a quick idea i came up with: :)

View attachment 479178
(in all actuality, all the black colors in this image would probably be WHITE, to stand out best on a window)

If you guys can get some simple (nothing extravigant here! i'm limited to what i can make) graphics or slogans you want to come up with, let me know and post them. And i'll see if i can print them out. I have a wide variety of vinyl we can use, anything from flat colors to reflective, as well as metallic and glittered styles. So let me know what you guys think of this idea.
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how bout skipping the graphic and just having a decal that says:

N/A 4.6 Club Member #10

or whatever member number you are. we could have an order form and pre-pay so you can make the arrangements to get them printed. with a long thin decal like that, you can run it on your quarter windows, on the lower rear glass, under the hood, etc. i'd be down for that:nice:

EDIT: another thing, half of the members in the club are only members until we can afford FI...
i like it. let me know the final group decision. i'm staying N/A. if i wanted a blower i would have gotten a blower. N/A is much cooler. the only goal is to better a "cobra R" anyway. 500 fwhp is a pie in the sky goal. 385hp+ "ALL MOTOR" is the only way for me. i'm only 60 hp away from that now.

unfortunately i didn't get to the track today .i had the choice of fixing the house and flowers or a divorce. the darned car has to wait another week for the short runner intake results. 20hp would be fantastic. the old long runner sort of quit at say 5200. Ed Olin, who by the way is the powertrain manager for the cobra "R", got the aussie version of this manifold to make power at 6900. the only dofference betweenthe two manifolds is the aussie unit has the throttle body inlet one ruuner toward the back for hood clearance. the aussie unit also uses a 90 degree inlet elbow.

so i fully expect to make power up to 5800 rpm. i've started shifting at 5800 now. sorry, what was the subjec of this thread... N/A club forever!

all motor rulez.
first off what do you have to do to get in the n/a thing and you guys should have a stickey post updated in order with who is running what times. I agree though just keep it simple either keep the horse and then put n/a 4.6 member etc, have the saying and n/a member number etc, or just do stangnet.com n/a 4.6L club member #
1st off, I will be making and cuting the signs. I can mail them out to you already taped up so all you have to do is stick it on and pull the tape off.

If you want side job designs, like something random, i can print that out for you as well. PM me with what you want me to print for you and i will see if i can make it.

Also, please give me some more ideas. Post images, give me text and font ideas. Give me some more input people!!

And for clarifications is this a 2v club only? Or all 4.6L motors?? How about all modular motors like 5.4Ls??? I need an idea so i can make a finalized decal.
DerekStangGT said:
can you make the style decal w/o a backround? i'd like to just have the letters. am i making any sense at all?

Without a background? In that image that white background would really be the glass on your car....is that what you meant? I can make anything ya want :)
billfisher said:
white letters except the red ones leave them.

like he said clear background, sized for rear window. too cool.

Go into MS Paint. Write the words you want. Then underneath your image, write down things like the dimension sizes you want, and what you want the colors to be. Save the image and go to photobucket.com or tinypic.com and send me the image over a PM

And i will try and make them for you this weekend. I will make it, send you a picture of it and tell you how much it will cost, and then you can tell me yes or no.

Measure your rear window for me and tell me the size of the window from top corner to top corner...i can make a "bend" in the lettering to compensate for the curved window. So it will look straight when you look at it from the back. I'll probably have to put it on my car 1st to see if it works. Then i'll send you a picture lol

- Jay

Here are some more fun ideas im playing with:

View attachment 479096

View attachment 479098

View attachment 479100

(i have a feeling a lot of PMs are coming lol)