Roush Im a newbie, here's my story! glad to be part of SN

okay okay okay lol...i started off poorly in other threads leading to a bit misunderstanding and a misconskew of my origional intentions. I said things that were taken totally wrong from the point i was meaning to get across, and here is my fresh start.

Glad to be part of :SNSign: . As im sure all of you know, I am the owner of my second Saleen now and in part will most likely be spending most of my time here in the Saleen forum.

My first car:
I just sold my 2001 Saleen S281 N/A for my new car. It was number 318 and has been to hell and back :lol:. Anyway i bought the car an A/T and converted it to M/T in one weekend. 3 accidents, pulled the motor quite a few times, blew a spark plug through the head, and the car was still gorgeous and ran AWESOME when i sold was my current states of the vehicle when i sold it.

Year: 2001
Color: White
Milage: Apx. 38,000
Transmission: Manual
Purpose: Show and go
Model: S281
Build Number: 318 (ID: 01-0318)
Cylinders: 8
Cubic Inches: 281
Rim size: Front, 18 x 9. Rear, 18 x 9
Horsepower (factory): 285
Current Rear Wheel Horsepower: 268.4
Current Rear Wheel Torque: 301.1
1/4 Mile time: 13.5 (2.68 60ft., will run 13.0 on good day w/ tire)

No leaks!
New valve cover gasket (passenger)
Brand new Tremek 3650 Transmission!
Runs great!
Never seen a winter!
Okay tread left on tires
All bad or old parts replaced!
Sounds Incredible!
Good Shape!

Brand new MAC off-road H-pipe prochamber
S281 rear facia (stock)
Mustang grille (stock)

Underdrive pulleys
Sway bar
Traction Bars
Saleen/Racecraft Suspension
Saleen/Borla cat-back exhaust
Saleen CPU chip

Transmission: NEW
tires: NEWER
Clutch: NEWER
Differential: NEWER

AODE / 5-speed Tremek 3650 swap
Steeda-Triax short throw shifter
D & D built race clutch
Alternative Motorsports custom burned CPU chip
QA1 12-way adjustable rear drag struts
Steeda aluminum quadrant
285/35/18 NT555R rear street racing tires
Ford Racing high performance 4:10 gear
MAC long-tube ceramic coated headers
BBK off-road X-pipe
D & D upper control arms
D & D lower control arms
UPR aluminum upper control arm bushings
Front brake high performance line-lock
EGR Delete
D & D fully adjustable coil-over front suspension

Painted mirrors
Chicane 281E center exhaust
Saleen 281E rear facia
Saleen 281E hood
SSINSERTS rear bumper plates
Bobwhitedecals pony over rear ford emblem
UPR Chrome fuel door
Chrome billet grille
03/04 S281 fender badges
5% window tint (all except front), 15% strip on front
Saleen SR window decal (dropshaddow)
Windsheild wiper delete kit (billet caps)
Xenon head-lights (blue)
Clear turn-signal bulbs

Painted counsel pieces
5-speed converted 04 Cobra shift knob
1 12" Polk Momo Sub-Woofer
1 1000W Lanzar Amplifier
UPR brushed aluminum interior kit
Autometer Tripple guage pods:…
- aif/fuel ratio
- trans. Temp.
- fuel pressure












God, i miss her! .... the car :lol:

I then thought of ordering a 2007 C6 and modding it. This and that happened, bottom line...ive always been a Saleen fan plus i knew all the right people in all the right places. I was going to order an 07 S/C saleen in black and mod it a little, but i went to the dealer to order it and met my Saleen contact there when he told me he could get me the E that is sitting on the floor for the same could i refuse? :shrug:


Here she is, in FULL ... i dont have many pictures since were still dead cold winter here, but ill give you what i got! Enjoy! ... im sure you know all the stock specs on the E...forged internals, 550 hp...blah blah lol. for 06, this car is 1 in 5 with the tungsten grey/scenic roof combo.

I did pick the car up on the lot, so that explains the color, which is okay except for the purple hue, just prefer black, but i had to over look that for the car i got, and the wheels, because i planed on ordering the 5-spoke wheel upgrade.

Within the next month while its getting warm out, im taking it to SSV (Saleen) to knock out that rear window and get that quarter panel installed, and doing a tint on the windows, but not sure what darkness i want to do yet (i think 5% would not look that good on this car)











And here is a sweet picture of my beautiful 15" slotted rotor and 6-piston Saleen Caliper being covered by an enormous amount of chrome :lol: why cover this beauty?

is this a more proper introduction? lol, let me know what you guys think!


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Nice pix. Sweet rides. All, uh, three of them...:D

Flame me for asking this, but you knock out the rear window and put in what exactly?

Sorry for not being clear. The rear quarter glass. The window right behind the driverside and passenger side door where saleen puts that ugly plastic thing over the window, well there is an option and its standard on the 07 Extreme's to break out the window and put in a body panel that matches the car, im sure you've seen it at
Nice pix. Sweet rides. All, uh, three of them...:D


that post rocks, brother!

BTW Extreme 550, that post is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the ongoing mess in the Cobra Saleen v. E car post.

I like both of your cars. You must have serious cash to spend on them mods. I 'm sittin around contemplating whether to buy the $175 mgw shifter or the $300 Chicane center pipes, and you're out there buyin freakin $1000 hoods for your 281 with every other mod under the sun, and then a 70k supercar.

I must be in the wrong line of work.

Anyways, great pics.