Im looking for a second income... Maybe Ebay need help!


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Aug 12, 2002
Shippensburg, PA
So I got an idea to sell stuff on ebay. My problem is I need to find a way to get the products cheap. Where I get all of my tattooing done at her husband sells body jewelry on ebay. He also sells a little bit of lingerie and stuff. It is simply insane how much body jewelry they have in stock to sell! They seem to do pretty well. I dont care what I am selling from dildos, bibles, bowling balls, or whatever. Im looking to make an extra 500+ a month. Building a nice sized home within the next several months so some extra income would be great. Any in sight on maybe how to get a product cheap and make a lot of money. Im sure someone on here has a small business like this! Thanks a lot!
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My wife has tried this a couple times without much success.Ive learned that what sells on ebay is usually what appears as junk to most people.I have always done best selling what I know.I used to troll alll the local musician shops and pawnshops for really good deals.For example,I would buy entire guitars that had aftermarket parts on them,normally just one of those many parts will sell for more than you pay for the whole i paid 125 for a trashed Dean guitar,then I sold the pickups for $160,The original floyd bridge for $175,the case for $ i made a $290 profit and still had the guitar body that AI sold later on for $80,and I started every auction off at $50.My wife tried doing electronics...not much too be made...i didnt think anyway.I tried telling her to target stay at home moms and older ladies...shes a woman...she would know what they like.

I would also from time to time hit garage sales and then take that stuff home clean it up good they sell it,and then there are always the estate auctions...tons of stuff to be had just really all depends on how much effort you wanna put in.Now years back when i had a junker second car i would just deliver pizzas 3 nights a week and take home about $150 a night cash+ a paycheck every week...but with gas prices prob wouldnt make any more than you spend....:rlaugh:
If all you want to make is a extra 500 how about just picking up a regular second job? I have thought about working at a auto shop of some kind for extra cash and experience since i love working on cars. Ebay can be hit and miss unless you can find a product that alot of people really want then you can make some cash.
I work 40+ hours a week and play a lot of softball!!! 3-5 nights a week im on the fields playing. And two nights a week DRINKING! HAHA! I got my hobbies set! My g/f selling baby clothes and is doing pretty good. I just need to find a wholesaler or dropshipper and buy bulks and just resell! Im trying to keep my navi and have a house! I have sold plenty of mustang parts on ebay and forums having pretty good luck and had my share of losses but overall I made money! Just need to sell the right product! And sell a product you know!