Progress Thread Code Gremlins Finally Fixed (Progress Update)


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Feb 6, 2020
North Carolina
So after a long year of posting on here and searching the web to answers on how to fix my car, today I finally did it. For anyone who's followed my previous thread will see that I've had a persistent BAP sensor failure code that wouldn't go away through two harnesses, two computers, and two bap sensors. Now obviously I didn't buy an extra computer and harness just for this issue but still I managed to get two bad bap sensors. Finally the code went away today after installing a new used bap sensor. Obviously it didn't take me a full year of just working on this problem to solve it, I had to work on the whole car and fix some of the more terrible things done to it. This just feels like a big milestone for me.

Car now idles at a perfect 675 RPMs (after warmed up) and seems to have better power. It still has a few gremlins left for sure like the car dying immediately after the first cold start, or the fog lights turning on just with the headlight switch, and a few other odds and ends but overall the car is practically a whole different car compared to how it was a year ago and I'm very grateful for the help of everyone on this forum. I still have no idea how I don't have voltage at pin 46 considering the ECU is an A9L and the O2 sensors are pinned out for an AOD and the whole NSS circuit is questionable at best. Nonetheless, thanks all for all the help!

Also I've never really listed what's done to the car so I figured I would list what's done as of right now. It is an 89 GT originally AOD converted to a T5 (not by me). When I bought the car it wasn't in the best shape although advertised to be mint (bought sight unseen, silly me) but all it really had done to it was a through the fender cold air intake, BBK 65 MM throttle body and EGR spacer, after market rear control arms and sway bar, de catted flowmaster 40 dumps, had some BBK equal length shorty headers that were rusted out and replaced them with some BBK shorty unequal lengths, unknown cam although I'm pretty sure its a stock cam because the car loves a low idle, fuel pump is now a DTW 255 LPH, MSD cap and rotor with stock distributor, I put one of those beefy SVE black radiators in it for the daily driving summer southern weather, it has white face gauges that were installed terribly, other than that its still pretty rough around the edges and needs some body work and paint.

My future plans for it is to have a fun daily drivable fox with full length subframe connectors, Explorer upper and lower with the EV6 injectors (am completely lost on the explorer intake swap), 3G alternator, working A/C (lol), also would like to go through and restore the HVAC system to make it feel as nice as possible, also am planning on ditching the dumps as I can't stand smelling exhaust 24/7, aluminum driveshaft, also would like to re do a lot of the interior wiring as some of the stuff I've seen makes me truly question who has owned this fox before me. Either way whatever I do I'll be sure to share it with everyone here
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Check your rear drum brakes. They can make popping noises backing up and at slow speeds.